Oatmeal Inspiration

It’s still too darn hot and humid out there to run (yes, yes, I know that some of you more dedicated folk are still sweating it out, literally….) but in the past 2 weeks I have registered myself for 2 races, with more in the pipeline when the registrations open.

While doing some researching on the interweb for a new 30-day challenge, I came across an excellent comic by The Oatmeal on the Do’s and Do Not’s of running a marathon. A must-read for any marathon (or race in general) trainee 😉

I completed my 30-day abs challenge yesterday (boy was that a great challenge!) and so I’m now looking for a new challenge, probably in the legs department, to keep me motivated for the next month until I can start actively running outside again. Once I find one, I’ll share it with you – maybe you can join in?!


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