Reader competition

… but there are no prizes, sorry 😦

This competition is just to try and build my readership a little bit and to have some fun while doing it 🙂 It’s time to start focusing and spending more time on my blog… Hope you don’t mind?! 😉


As you will notice from the above picture, I have a stack of readers visiting me from the U S of A (howdy y’all!!!) and not that far behind is the UAE (quite obvious since that’s where I live)…. but the numbers then drop drastically after that, with most countries having only one reader.

I want to get some of those countries up past 1 visitor, so the competition is simple – if you’re a reader in one of the 1-visitor countries, why don’t you pass along my blog and get some of your friends to read it? Pretty please?

You never know, they might just love it 🙂

Maybe you can comment below and say hi from your country if you are passing on my blog – that way I can see which countries actually took part in the competition and I didn’t just magically get some new readers from anywhere in particular.

world flags


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