Just numbers

Dear me, I haven’t posted in almost a week and after reading a post this morning about blog abandonment, it got me thinking that I should come over here and let you all know that I’ve not disappeared!

So, here’s a quick post in numbers just for the hell of it 🙂

0 = the amount of times I have run this week 😦

no running

1 = the number of times I’ve done stairs training


3 = the number of times I’ve done abs, as part of the 30-day abs challenge…. currently on Day 25 and believe me it’s starting to HURT, but in a nice way 😉


47 = the expected humidity percentage for Saturday… luckily my plans involve recovering on my couch from a big weekend


3 = the approximate number of days until Ramadan starts (hence the big weekend) – it all depends on the sighting of the moon


5 = the numbers of times since Friday that Cliffy has woken me up at 6am (or earlier) !!!

Evil cat ;)

Evil cat 😉


10 = the numbers of days in which I hope to have “Colour of Magic”, the first Discworld series book finished

colour of magic

2 = the number of goodbyes I said on Friday… 2 more Dubai’ans hit the road, moving on to greener other pastures



I promise I’ll be back on a more regular basis soon… just got lots going on at the moment (all good though so fret not!)


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