Easy vegetarian rice dish

With starting a new job I no longer get lunch bought for me every day by the company so I’m having to start cooking a lot more in order to take lunch to work and not spend a fortune on buying lunch every day.

One Saturday afternoon I was sitting at home wondering what to make for the week ahead (I find it easier to set aside a whole week’s menu – or more if I can – so that I don’t have to do too much thinking when I get home) and I was routinely going through the cupboards and freezer to see what I had. Rice. And a lot of it. So I decided that I needed to try out some sort of rice dish… but since I had no meat at home at the time I decided to go vegetarian.



Mushrooms (fresh)

Corn (tin)

Olive Oil


Green onion seasoning

Ground Tumeric


Soy Sauce



I cooked my rice (regular old Basmati rice) as per the package instructions, and while that was on the go I fried up the mushrooms and corn and added the green onion seasoning.

Once that was all done I let everything cool for a couple of hours (this process can be sped up by putting the rice in the fridge, but I had all afternoon at home) and then pulled out the wok and heated up some olive oil. In went all the ingredients plus some ground tumeric, paprika, soy sauce and milk and I fried this all up for a few minutes. After tasting I added in a few drops of Nando’s peri-peri sauce for some extra flavour, and VIOLA! A delicious, simple meal or side… and it’s easy enough to add in some meat if you want it a little more filling.


Not the most appetizing photo - SORRY!

Not the most appetizing photo – SORRY!


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