ARTE – a Friday morning par-tay

Every second Friday of the month there is an art & crafts market held at Times Square Center in Dubai – it’s a chance for artists of all sorts to showcase their talents, and hopefully sell a whack of it too. From jewellery to painting to drawings to food and clothes… anything and everything you can imagine!!

Arte Market

My friend JP’s sister – Rebecca Bear – is an up and coming artist and she participated in her very first ARTE recently. Unfortunately she was not able to actually attend on the day due to unforeseen circumstances so JP and I volunteered to help her out. It meant getting up super early on a Friday morning, registering on arrival, and learning the tricks of the trade – lesson #1 learned was to use a trolley to move stuff from car to assigned selling spot. Lesson #2 was to bring a knife with us for framing the pictures (thanks Rebecca for packing it for us!) Sounds simple but as newbie’s we had NO idea what we were doing 😳

Trolley!     Using a knife

Once we were set up we sat back and watched the people arrive. After a short while we realised that we were possibly not in a very good spot as the traffic seemed to walk right past us without noticing… but we soldiered on and tried to engage people as they came past the stand. Of course this also meant that we were able to plan a much better strategy for the next ARTE 🙂

Front of stand     Back of stand

Rebecca Bear     Arte


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