A different kind of challenge…

Challenges seem like a good way to get things done lately – 30-day ab challenges, 100-mile run challenges, Weekly Photo Challenges… the list goes on.

With me recently having changed jobs, it’s unlikely that I’m going to be doing much travelling with the new one… which means not much reading 😦 Pretty poor excuse, I know, but most of my reading used to get done at the airport, or sitting around at the villa in Kurdistan, or at the camps in Kurdistan where there’s little else to do.

So, how do I make myself start reading more?


That’s right – I’m giving myself a reading challenge. And it’s not an easy one… go big or go home, they say 😉

I have recently managed to complete my collection of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series of books – most of them are an epub download, however I do have quite a few in paperback because I started collecting this series a few years ago (when I read a lot).

And so my challenge is to read all of them, in order… but not in 30 days. Goodness me I’d have to sit at home all day long and read more than a book a day. That’s not gonna happen! I will start the challenge on Friday 13th June 2014… I have no idea how long it’ll take me to complete as there are approximately 40 books in the series (as of November 2013), and I’m sure I’ll want some sort of Discworld distraction in-between some of the books; but here’s to me reading them all!

Have you read any Discworld books? Which are your favourites?

Any other Terry Pratchett books that you’ve read? One of my other favourites is “Good Omens” that he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman.



3 thoughts on “A different kind of challenge…

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  2. Monstrous Regiment and Reaper Man are my favorites, though I’ve only read 17 of them. Anything with Sam Vimes gets scored highly as well! And Nation was amazing. I look forward to hearing how you do on your challenge.

    –Jaime Pond, anglonerd.com


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