Week One abs and a morning run

Today marks one week that I’ve been taking part in June’s 30-day abs challenge… and it’s getting tough! I didn’t manage to do yesterday’s workout so today I did Friday and Saturday:

Friday = 35 sit ups; 15 crunches; 15 leg raises; 25 second plank

Saturday = 40 sit ups; 20 crunches; 20 leg raises; 30 second plank

It might not sound or look that difficult, but I promise you it is! Especially when you’ve been off of exercising for over a month! I definitely need to get back into my Insanity workouts! (Wow I used a lot of exclamation marks in that paragraph! 😉 )

The last 7 days of ab workouts included one rest day and on this day I chose to go for a run… a nice morning run to start the day out and it was good! I decided to take it really easy on the run so that I wouldn’t have any chances of hitting the wall or anything like that – and I was well happy with my overall time. 5km’s in (just) under 30 minutes 🙂



Is anyone else doing the ab challenge?

Or any other challenges? I’ve seen a 100-mile run challenge on Facebook for this month too….



2 thoughts on “Week One abs and a morning run

  1. I’m not doing any fitness challenges, but I’m doing a photo challenge. I do ab work once a week and hate every minute of it, I believe you when you say the challenge is hard! Good luck, I know you’ll finish it too… 🙂


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