New shoes, new motivation

My running motivation is a little bit down the drain at the moment… I keep wanting to get out there and pound the pavement, but this normally only occurs around lunchtime when it’s over 40°C and the humidity is anywhere from 50% – 70%. Ouch.

I’ve attempted the odd run in the evening, even some in the morning when I can drag my lazy ass out of bed, but hitting the wall seems to be my main accomplishment on each of these runs.

Sooooo, I decided to go buy a new pair of shoes to see if it would help – and you know what? It did!

I had a 10% discount voucher that I had been given in a race pack from one of the races I’ve taken part in so far this year, and it was due to expire at the end of May. So I headed out to the store and straight to the running shoe department. According to my physio I am a rather fortunate runner in that I can wear pretty much any shoe I want to; I am not restricted to pronated or supinated shoes. As long as they have support and cushioning, and I like the look of them, I can wear them 🙂

I therefore tend to shop with the Adidas shoe website open on my phone (I only wear Adidas, personal preference) and I pick and choose shoes based on budget and looks, and then have a quick read what they say on the website about the shoes. Yesterday I found 3 shoes that fit my criteria, and the final choice (duramo 6) was made simply on the fact that they were the only pair that the store had in my size. Easy pickings.

Duramo 6 w

Duramo 6 w

Now this all happened during the day so I still had a few hours to kill at home before I could get out there and run – needed the temps to cool down a little bit later on at night. Once the time arrived there was a brief moment where I considered being lazy and not going for a run… but then I remembered that I have new shoes to try out! No way was I staying home! I got dressed, put the new babies on and headed out the door for a short run just to break the new guys in.

And what an enjoyable run it was! Not far, nor fast, but easy, enjoyable and the shoes were wonderful 🙂

Breaking in new shoes

Breaking in new shoes

Next week I’m starting a 30-day ab challenge (Facebook event; feel free to join in!) and I’ll be doing some running on the “rest” days, just so that I can get myself back into exercise, and hopefully more running-motivated!


4 thoughts on “New shoes, new motivation

  1. I hope your new shoes continue to help getting you up and out. Best wishes also with the 30 ab day Challenge. When it comes to exercising for me that means working through pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia. Some days it’s hard to get going and there are even days I skip but then I remind myself that I am my own best friend and I’ve got to move and I’m up and out again.


    • When I had to go to physio for a knee injury I was very dedicated because I knew that the pain would be worth it in the long run – I wish you all the best for a speedy, and hopefully not too painful recovery!


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