A wedding and searching for Romeo

Part 2 of my Italian holiday (a 2-night stop in Venice was Part 1) was heading north-west to a wonderful little town called Bassano del Grappa – the home of Grappa.

Leaving Venice by train, in the rain, we headed up to Bassano, or BDG as we called it. Our friends met us at the train station and helped with our bags (thanks boys!!!) and we walked the few hundred meters to the hotel – Hotel Brennero. Again, I definitely recommend this hotel if you’re ever visiting this wonderful little town in Italy. Only a 3-star, but absolutely suitable on all accounts. The breakfast was small but sufficient, the service was friendly and the hotel was clean, and had great views over the mountains (depending on which side of the hotel your room was). My best service-related story is when I locked my keys inside my suitcase 😳 and rushed off to Verona for the day. I was also changing rooms on this day. I only got back to the hotel at about 9pm and when I walked in they gave me keys to my new room…. and when I walked inside they had moved everything from my old room into the new room, plugged the same plugs in, put my toiletries in the bathroom as they were in the original room and broken the lock to my suitcase as requested so I could now get my keys out! That’s service 🙂

So, a wedding and Romeo.

Friends from Dubai (she’s Vietnamese/Italian and he’s German) got married in the town where she grew up – our loving BDG. A whack of us travelled over from Dubai, meeting up with Zee-Germans who left Dubai a few years ago, and another friend who moved on to greener rainier pastures in London. It was a wedding and a reunion 🙂

We weren’t in BDG for very long, and with wedding plans on the go there wasn’t much time to sightsee, however we did manage to a visit to a Grappa distillery on our arrival. The rest of the time there was spent at the wedding, recovering the next day, and I then spent the following day trying to find Romeo in Verona.

Some photos have been edited for effect using fotoflexer. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Grappa distillery     Grappa distillery     Grappa distillery

Bassano in the rain     Grappa distillery     Grappa!

     Hotel Brennero     Mountains of Bassano

Pork shop in the middle of town :)     Houses of Bassano     Crossing the bridge to the wedding

Weather on the way to the wedding     Rain clouds rolling in     Dark clouds on the horizon

The rain hits us     Umbrellas arriving at the wedding reception

So, once the wedding was over I left BDG bright and early, hopped on a train and headed southwest to Verona, hoping to find my Romeo and maybe even bring him back to Dubai with me. But alas, the poor bugger grew tired of waiting for me and had already keeled over and died by the time I arrived 😉 Oh well. It was an enjoyable day out as my last day in Italy, and the next day I hopped onto another train and headed back to the airport and on to Dubai.

Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

     The Arena     Juliets Balcony

Balcony view     Inside Juliet's house     Juliet's bed


Lovers writings on the wall outside Juliet's house     Locks of love     

Standing on the balcony     People can write to Juliet     Statue of love

     Adige River     

Not sure - shoes tied on a string over the river?!     More shoes on a string?      


DSCN8129     The Arena

Bye bye Italy ❤



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