Views of Venice

Finally! I’m sitting at my computer with my Italy photos, trying to sort through them to share with you.

As usual I’ve taken quite a few so I’m keeping them small – you can click on the thumbprint to view it properly.

We start off our Italian holiday in Venice, staying at a lovely apartment called Corte Nova, roughly 1km from St Mark’s square. My friend Al and I got the pick of the lot when it came to the apartments – without even requesting it, we managed to get the only one with a private terrace, which was put to great use on our second night there, sitting around after a long day of walking, munching on some prosciutto, cheese and crackers, and sipping at some tasty prosecco and gin & tonics. Aaaah!

I definitely recommend the apartment if you’re heading to Venice; we used to get a good rate. Exceptionally clean, simple but adequate apartment complete with TV, all necessary cutlery and crockery (including pots and pans for cooking etc.), and free wi-fi. The service was perfectly suitable… we didn’t make use of the breakfast, but chose rather to do self-catering and the grocery store a few steps away had everything one could need.

I don’t have much to say about my visit to Venice, except that it is a fabulous place to visit! It was pretty crowded and busy when we were there, but the people are friendly, the food amazing, and it’s really enjoyable walking around, crossing canals every few steps, getting disoriented and landing up in beautiful little piazza’s (squares).







The next photos are ones that I have played around with a little bit (the ones above have not been touched at all), turning them into black & white or adding an effect of sorts, using







5 thoughts on “Views of Venice

  1. Hazy Hi,
    Wow so many great shots. They brought back a lot of memories from when mom and I were there. Not sure what day you were in St Marks Square but it looks fairly empty. We were there on a Sunday and it was jam packed. Loved all the shots.
    Looking forward to seeing Venice again and not that long to wait. Mom and I will be back there about 20 July


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