I keep hitting the wall :(

I’ve been a bit slack with my running of late for whatever reason (I’m blaming the heat….) so tonight I headed out the door with absolutely no distance in mind. I just wanted to run, and I wanted to keep my pace just under 6 minutes / km.

My first km was great – I didn’t start off too fast like I normally do… a comfortable 5:53, picking it up to 5:40 in the 2nd km. I kept at it and was feeling absolutely fab… all the way to 6km’s.

And then BOOM!

I hit the wall 😦

I tried running through it and managed for a bit and then hit another one. And then ran through that one and hit another one!! From 6km’s until the end of the run I was walking/running/walking… not running. I’ve been reading a whole bunch of running blogs lately and I feel so inspired when I read them, and on tonight’s run I kept them in mind which made me feel great… so what is it that makes me keep hitting the wall??

But on a lighter note – here are some of the latest photos of Cliffy, making friends with a box 😉


What do you do in a total slump to get you motivated again? How do you break that wall down, and keep it down?


7 thoughts on “I keep hitting the wall :(

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  2. I find that I run much faster without music! Don’t ask me why. I’d say just go out and run, but without putting pressure on yourself to run a particular pace and make the most of taking in your surroundings. Think about what else you get from running, not just the splits.


  3. Hazy I take my hat off to you for your running. I have never seen the point of running for the sake of running. That’s not to say that I never ran. I did lots of running but it was always as part of another sport, cricket, rugby, squash, soccer whatever, so I don’t know about ‘hitting the wall’ and won’t make any inappropriate comments.
    I’m sure you’ll find a way to get round the wall


  4. Do you feel like it’s more of a mental wall, like you’ve lost your motivation, or a physical wall, like your body/legs just can’t keep going?
    If it’s mental, then maybe a few days off could help you mentally recharge. If it’s physical, I’d say run slower, drink more, eat a little more, run later/earlier when it’s not as hot..


    • It’s definitely more of a mental wall which is probably better than physical. The problem is that I’ve had a few days off (more like a few weeks)…
      Maybe I just need to clear everything that’s going on in my head first and then get back into my running.
      Thanks for reading and commenting as always 🙂


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