A double run and a puppy

It’s taking me longer than expected to get myself organised and back into routine since being back from Italy, so I apologise for the higgledy-piggledy posting… photos will follow SOON. I promise!

But in the mean time, I’ve only managed one run since being back (really battling to get back into routine 😦 ) but it was enjoyable… and it involved the cutest puppy EVER, so I had to share it with you!

I’m doing some petsitting at the moment to earn a little bit of extra cash and the first pet I’m looking after is the cutest little 3-month old Yorkshire Terrier, named Lottie. Her mom has recently got her and doesn’t like leaving her alone all day every day, so on weekdays I go over there at lunch-time to play with Lottie and keep her company for a little while. Easy peasy and sooo much fun!



Anyway, last night I was asked to do an evening visit as mom was going to be home very late so I decided to turn it into a bit of exercise. The apartment is not very far from me so I thought I’d run there and back, obviously with the stop in the middle.

On the way there I thought I’d push a little bit hard, testing out the humidity, and how it feels to be back after missing about 3 weeks of running 😳 It was a really good run… unfortunately once again the first km was the fastest, but I enjoyed every second of it, even though it was hot and sticky.


On the way back I decided to take it a little bit easier and just enjoy the run.


Hopefully I get myself organised properly in the next few days and catch up on my blog 🙂



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