The run that should have been a race…

… and then wasn’t really even a run 😦

About a month ago a friend of mine was looking for someone to run a 10km race with her. Yes please. Yes it’s extremely warm outside these days as the day goes on, but this race was going to start at 6am, be done by 7am and home to a cool shower. Can’t be that bad. And running a race with a friend… awesome. Not something I do very much of.

But then my friend fractured her foot playing football and going too hard in a run so had to pull out. At this stage I’d not yet registered and decided to leave it until the last minute to register because I’m car-less and getting to and from the race was going to cost me more in taxi’s than the actual race. And then another friend offered me her car for the day – love my friends! So, I got online on Tuesday all excited to enter… but had missed the cut-off day by 1 day. Doh!

Registration closed on Monday. Ok then, I’ll just run 10km’s on my own on Saturday morning instead.

So yesterday I was in bed early, hydrating myself all day long and set the alarm for 7am.

I headed out the door, all excited for my run and was doing really great – sticking to around 5:50/km which is what I had in mind to do. Until 4km’s. I didn’t just hit the wall. I smashed right into it 😦 Today was just not meant to be a run day.

I ended up doing some walking / some running for the rest of the way home; unfortunately not even making the 10km’s though. Oh well, at least I got out there and tried. And I think I broke that wall right down so next time should be better 😉



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