Wowee is it getting warm here in the desert!

I attempted another baby run this morning post-neck injury and am glad to announce that I made 4km’s today 🙂 I planned out a much better route that did not involve crossing any roads, nor did I have to fight hundreds of people ambling about… just pass a few other runners braving the warm. I did pass a frozen yoghurt stand which was super tempting but as I wasn’t even halfway in the run I decided against it – might take a walk there later on 😉

11 Apr

And boy oh boy is it getting warm out there!!!


That’s approximately double what the temperature was about 3 weeks ago when I ran my last race… the starting temp was approximately 18º C! Ok, the race started at 6am, but still… I definitely think it’s time to start freezing my bottles of water before my runs.

And maybe even putting ice blocks in Cliffy’s water bowls? 😉

ice blocks



2 thoughts on “Wowee is it getting warm here in the desert!

    • I normally try run before work, but this was a Friday morning and I was a bit lazy… so suffered the consequences 😉
      I’ll be running much later at night when the temperatures get even higher!


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