An injury and an attempted run

I woke up on Monday morning with the worst stiff neck you could ever imagine – I literally could not move it, and I looked something like this:

I had set my alarm to go for a nice little 10km run in the morning and when my alarm went off I couldn’t reach over and switch it off… I had to roll myself in a very awkward position in able to reach the darn thing! I thought I’d lie there for a little while to see if it got better and do a 5km run instead. However, after hitting snooze a few times I realised it was not going to happen so I simply went back to sleep.

And then the alarm went off again for work time, and I still could not move my neck! It was the most awful feeling ever. Looking at myself in the mirror made me want to cry.

I somehow managed to throw on some clothes and make my way to work, stopping at the pharmacy for some heavy-duty painkillers. My colleagues forced me to call the doctor and so I went to see her in the afternoon and got told “2-3 days to fix.” WHAT?! In this pain?! So she gave me a voltaren injection (in my bum… my first ever. I don’t recommend it…. had to actually get the nurse to pull my pants up for me 😳 ) and she prescribed some more heavy-duty painkillers on top of it all.

When I woke up yesterday morning I was feeling a bit better and had slight range of motion in my neck so I kept taking painkillers (was an interesting half hour or so at work when they both kicked in at the same time 😉 ) and it seemed to get better and better as the day wore on.

So, what did I do? Well, I went for a run when I got home from work…. and failed miserably at it 😦 I made it to 1km before having to stop with the uncomfortableness. Not necessarily much pain, just really awkward and uncomfortable to be moving my neck around trying to dodge people in the way, cross the road without being knocked over, etc. In hindsight I probably should have chosen a better place to run instead of JBR Walk.

Of course this means absolutely no Insanity workouts for me this week 😦 but I’ll be back on my A-game next week, and am feeling muchos better today so am going to attempt another run in the morning!


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