My totally “Dubai” weekend

From 5-star hotel dinner brunches, to yacht parties to limo rides and the worlds richest horse race, the World Cup. All in one weekend!!

This past weekend started out on Thursday night with a friend asking me if I’d like to be her plus 1 to a birthday dinner brunch. And what a fabulous brunch it was! The food was delicious (all sorts of seafood, meat, cheeses, salads, etc…. anything your heart desired!), the drinks were a-plenty and we all had a fabulous time 😀 (No photos unfortunately.)

Friday morning I went for a run (yay me, no hangover!) and then met up with another friend to head over to a marina where we jumped onboard this amazing yacht for our friend’s joint birthday party with one of his buddies. Probably around 40 or so people on the boat, perfect weather, booze, a DJ, nibbles and swimming.

The birthday boy



Opening the obligatory bottle of Veuve

And on Saturday was the kicker – the World Cup. One of my favourite events in Dubai because you get to dress up completely over the top and nobody will look at you funny! This year we got to enjoy a limo ride to the races – our birthday boy from Friday was joining us to the races and he organsised a limo ride for all of us… and not just any limo. Oh no. This limo had a dance pole in, and you could stand up straight in the limo, having a little boogie while being driven to where you need to be 😛

More bottles of Veuve



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