It’s a Miracle! (garden)

Yesterday I visited Miracle Gardens in Dubai with a few friends for a random day out – beats sitting on the couch 🙂

I really wanted to be able to say a lot of nice stuff about the place, especially since most people I spoke to before going there had mostly negative things to say.

However, most of my comments will also be negative 😦

You pay AED30 for “valet parking” which involves you driving into the parking lot, parking your car, and handing over the money. Nothing valet about that. It’s then another AED30 per person to enter. Most of the flowers upon entry are withered and in desperate need of some water. You’re not allowed on the grass (???!!!). I tried to buy a Sprite and was told it’s AED5 – but on the can it is printed that they are AED1.50! My friend tried to bring in some sandwiches and snacks and got told that food is not allowed unless it is food for her and her baby. She promptly hid the french loaf sticking out of her bag and walked in with all the sandwiches, cheese, snacks and water hidden in her son’s backpack. The place is SMALL! If we hadn’t sat down and ate and talked for close on an hour, we would have walked the entire garden in 20 minutes – even with stopping to wait for kids and lost friends. There is nowhere for kids to run around on grass and play. Again, you’re not even allowed to walk on the grass!

What did I enjoy – it was very pretty, even though I was told there were limited types of flowers & plants there (I’m not a plant/flower person so I have NO idea!). The sculptures are very creative – we almost walked right past 2 shopping trolleys done up in a huge arrangement. It is very relaxing just sitting around having (illegal) snacks and nibbles. It is a good excuse to get out of the house for a few hours.

So, negativity aside, I do recommend going to have a look, even if it’s just once to say you’ve done it. They say that a second phase is opening (has opened?) and will include a butterfly park as well as a tasting area where you can pick fresh tomatoes, lettuce etc. and make your own salad to eat right then and there (probably going to be quite costly judging by the current costs, so keep it in mind.)

Here are some of my better photos of the garden 🙂

Miracle Gardens












3 thoughts on “It’s a Miracle! (garden)

    • Not really even worth the price when paying in Dirhams – you can go to any number of parks around the area where they charge (at most) AED5 to enter, you can play on the grass, bring your own food, bring balls etc. and play around in well-kept gardens.
      I get that these are “special” arrangements of flowers and stuff, but it’s over the top pricing 😦


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