Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This was a tough one! I’m by no means an expert photographer and while I take some fairly decent photos, it’s mostly by luck… I have no idea what most of the buttons and settings on my Nikon P100 camera do, and even half of the settings on my simple “point-and-click” Canon Ixus 135 get ignored. I don’t often see a good shot before taking it and it turns out decent – I can’t “read” most shots.

So, trying to find photos of mine where there was some sort of perspective shown in the photo was a tough search. I thought of going out and taking some photos until I remembered Sri Lanka last year with my friend Al.

We were in a botanical garden that housed this amazing path of trees…

Tree path

While walking along this path we looked up and saw these birds flying all over, above us…


But on closer inspection we realised that they were bats and that the entire path of trees was filled with these massive bats!

Lots of bats

Close up of bats

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

  1. Hi, I love the picture of those incredible tall trees! Which part of Sri Lanka, that botanical gardens? Coz I will be going there at end Aug.



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