A song to remember

I don’t often use the Daily Prompt for my blog but when I saw this one the other day on “Something to remember“, I had to use it.

The prompt is from a few days ago already so please excuse my delay… I had to narrow down which songs I wanted to use because I have tons of songs that evoke some sort of memory for me. I chose the following songs, for various reasons. Enjoy 🙂

“For an angel”, Paul van Dyk – This was my friend Rob’s favourite song

“Leaving on a jet plane”, Chantal Kreviazuk – my farewell party 2008 – my sister played this song for me

“Another chance”, Roger Sanchez – Reminds me of pretty much the whole of 2010, which was a great year

“Silence”, Delerium – Reminds me of a very good friends wedding

“I got a feeling”, Black Eyed Peas – New Year 2009/2010

“Messages”, Xavier Rudd – Mozambique holiday 2008

“I love it”, Icona Pop – Rugby Seven’s 2013


One thought on “A song to remember

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