The Rolling Stones in Abu Dhabi!

The Rolling Stones opened their ’14 on Fire World Tour in Abu Dhabi this past Friday 21 February 2014, and I was among the ~70,000 people there! It was amazing!

I joined up with a friend and his group of friends and we made an entire afternoon / night out of it. We started off having a few sundowner drinks at Blue Marlin, and then headed off to Yas to the du arena for the concert.

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When we arrived at Yas, there were swarms of people heading to find a good spot in the stadium where they’d make “home” for the next few hours. We then split up into teams – booze team and food team, and made our way back to our chosen spot, and sat chatting away for a little while.

8:50pm, the lights dimmed and people started cheering. No way, this can’t be them, I thought. Must be a support band of sorts.

But how wrong I was – the Stones started EARLY! (Let’s not mention how Madonna arrived on stage over an hour late… diva!)

Mick threw himself straight into Start me up, which really got the crowds going, and at 70-odd years of age, he certainly showed us how to perform! He barely stopped running around the stage, doing his little swagger and keeping the crowd entertained every second of the 2 hours that they were on stage 🙂

Keith Richards enjoyed singing 2 songs after stating “I’m happy to be here. I’m happy to be anywhere.”

Although these guys look haggard and well-past their sell-by-dates, the concert was full of energy and a must-see for anyone who is even slightly interested in their music. They played mostly well-known songs to ensure maximum enjoyment and involvement from the crowd.





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