I’m trying to be healthy – protein bites

I’ve had a bit of a change of heart in the last 2 weeks or so; I’m really into my running (RAK half marathon last weekend, and have registered for another half marathon on 7th March) and I want to eat healthier lately.

Now, we all know that I am no fan of salads but I do want to find meals that rank high up on the healthy and energetic scales. I know that my running will benefit hugely from it, and with things in the running department going so well, I’m quite looking forward to the results 🙂

I came across a recipe for protein bites on a blog that I was perusing a few days ago and I decided that I’d start with these; they require minimal preparation, no baking or cooking, and, according to the blog, are super healthy and great for pre-run snacks, or post-dinner snacks. And while they might look like “cat vomit” (according to one of my friends’ views on the photo), they taste delicious 😛

I left out the coconut that is mentioned because I couldn’t find any on the night I wanted to make them. And a tip for myself to note (everyone else is welcome to it too) is to put the wet ingredients (peanut butter and honey) into the mixing bowl first. I made an almighty mess trying to do it the other way around (would have a photo if my hands hadn’t been such a mess 😉 )

Protein bites


4 thoughts on “I’m trying to be healthy – protein bites

    • Thanks so much for the comment; I’m hopeless at knowing what to put into recipes and generally rely 100% on what they say…. I really like your idea!
      I’ll give them a try next time and will let you know how it goes 🙂


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