Weekly Photo Challenge: Little treasures

Being an expat, I always like to have little “things” from home that remind me of home; nik naks, jelly tots, ghost pops, creme soda, fanta grape, milk tart, chocolate log, etc., etc., etc.

chocolate log   creme soda   ghost pops   nik naks   jelly tots

But when I saw this week’s photo challenge on treasures, I decided I’d rather photograph and share with you something that means more than just a tasty chocolate, or a bag of chips crisps.

When I left South Africa, my sister gave me a booklet that she’d made of her favourite moments that her and I had shared over the years… things that reminded her of the fun we have together.

And then when my granny passed away in 2009, she didn’t have much to her name so when my family were going through her personal items, they kept aside some jewellery for me to have. It’s nothing very fancy, nor does it have any family history to it, but it means a lot to me every time I wear it.

My treasures

And then of course there’s my Cliffy; he has become such an important part of my life out here and I do not know what I would do without him!


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