I see a pattern emerging…

… which I don’t like very much 😦

I try take my running seriously (mostly), and I know that if I put more effort into it I’d be a whole lot better.

I start out with my training around September (last year it was in July-ish which was great!), and by the time November / December come I’m totally pumped, entering myself into a bunch of races and getting ready for the BIG training that looms ahead – the RAK half marathon training which starts the week before Christmas.

But then silly season arrives; Christmas, birthday, New Year, getting “settled” into a new year… and my training seems to take a leap out the window 😦

I don’t do this intentionally…. it just happens. There always seems to be something on the go that gets in my way and stops me from doing all the training I am meant to.

Yes I could wake up earlier in the mornings and do more morning runs… but when you’re out most nights then waking up early is a tad difficult. Ok, and yes, I could say NO to going out… but I am a social bunny (I’ve even been called “the life of the party” before 😉 ) so saying no doesn’t often happen.

Then there’s travelling, which always makes running difficult. Especially when I travel to places where it’s not necessarily safe for me to be running the streets on my own… heading off tonight for work so it’s likely to be a week of no running.

How do you balance major social life and running?

****** UPDATE******

Shortly after posting this, I came across a fantastic list of Rules for Runners 2014 – go over and have a look for yourself; I think I need to focus on a whole bunch of them this year… might help! And thanks to Fit for 365 for enjoying my post and liking it, which caused me to head over to their blog and in turn found the rules… love this blogging world 🙂

run alarm     out the front door


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