Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

I have a lot of joy in my life at the moment; it’s almost my birthday, I’m going to see some friends over New Year whom I haven’t seen for aaaages, my sister and my best friend both recently got engaged to amazing men, I have fantastic friends and family who have been super supportive this past year… and that’s just the start of the list.

One thing that’s not causing me joy at the moment though is the fact that it’s almost moving time again, and anyone who has house-hunted and moved houses in Dubai will understand the stress this causes in one’s life. You can’t look too early because agents will not accept a deposit more than 2 weeks (if you’re lucky) before occupation date; you’re lucky if the agent does any work (or even shows up) and yet you still have to pay them a whopping agency fee; and when you do find  a place that you like, it’s probably already rented or they want one big fat cheque for a full year’s lease upfront.

Ok so I can hear you asking, “Isn’t this post supposed to be about Joy?” And yes, you’re right…. while I was searching for a photo to depict Joy for this week’s challenge, I came across this photo of me moving into my current apartment… now if that’s not joy on my face, even when moving, then I don’t know what is!

Hopefully the next move will follow in these footsteps 🙂



2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

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