RAK half marathon 2014 – the countdown has started!

Last night was the first run in my training programme for the RAK half marathon next year and it went just as planned, thankfully!

I’m doing the programme for people wanting to improve their time… even though I’m not going for any major personal best times in this race. This year’s time was 2:22:43, and anything near that will make me happy 🙂

Here’s the programme I’m following; I’ve juggled around a day or 2 based on it being Christmas, New year, birthday etc., but I will not skip any of the runs / workout sessions, and I will continue going to the gym and doing kickboxing classes to focus on strengthening my legs with all the running.

RAK training

So you’ll see already that last night, Sunday, should have been a rest day, but I’m taking today as a rest and I ran last night instead. It’ll keep happening like that… but the point of last night’s run (to me) was to get me to slow down, especially at the start of the run. I almost always start off too fast! And I was well happy with my average time of 6:24/km instead of the normal average which ranges between 5:45 and 6 minutes/km.

The training programme is an 8-week programme…. and as of today the race is only 52 days away! Accommodation has been booked, my place secured in the race. Now just to stick to the training and get across that finish line on 14th February! heart


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