15-minute meal

I’ve not been doing much of my own cooking learning to cook lately due to this crazy lifestyle I’ve got going on at the moment… so last night I decided that since my only plans for the evening were to paint my toe nails (how girlie 😉 ), eat food and watch TV, that I should probably do something about making a proper meal… and then I can blog about it!

I don’t have much in the fridge or freezer to come up with something amazing, or to try out some interesting recipe, so I just made-do with what I found: frozen corn, frozen breaded chicken breast, fresh mushrooms, onion, a packet of white sauce, and 2-minute noodles.

This wasn’t exactly a meal that involved a lot of “cooking” or imagination, but I did make the mushroom sauce almost from scratch which turned out absolutely delicious! Just a simple fry-up of the mushrooms and onions, throw them into the white sauce, and pour over the food!

If only I’d listened years ago when people said that cooking was this easy – I’d be a masterchef by now HA! 😛

Chicken breast covered in mushroom sauce

Chicken breast covered in mushroom sauce


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