Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I have been a little non-existent lately around the blogosphere, and my poor excuse(s) this time are that it’s silly season here in Dubai and I seem to be busy all the time (or hungover, but don’t tell my mom that! 😉 )

So, with this week’s photo challenge, I’ve decided to make a Grand comeback and get myself back to regular posting, especially so that my new followers (a quick shout out to them – HI!) don’t get bored of me 🙂

Well, what a subject for the photo this week… at first I was going to post a photo of the Blue Mountains that we visited in Sydney a few weeks back, but then upon further delving into my archives, I came across my photos from our trip to Europe (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland) last year and decided that one of these babies would be far more entertaining for you.

But then I couldn’t just settle on one… so here are a few photos from that holiday which I find absolutely Grand!

Enjoy 😛

Wieliczka Salt Mine underground church; Krakow, Poland


Rhone Glacier; Valais, Switzerland


Horse-drawn carriages in Prague, Czech Republic

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