Race 1 of 2013/14 season – and another PB!

Yup, that’s right! I got another Personal Best this past weekend πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I entered an 8km race which was taking place before I would be heading off to Rugby 7’s for the weekend. Perfect way to start the weekend: get some exercise, have a quick nap, and then let the carnage begin!

So, the night before, Thanksgiving (which was spent enjoying a delicious turkey at a colleague’s place), I made sure I had a very early night (in bed by 10pm!!!) and loaded up with carbs… roast turkey, mashed potato, sweet potato, beans, corn… lots of it!

I was up at 5:15, had 2 slices of toast and half an energy bar and headed out to the new 8km venue – which is now being held at Meydan Golf Club house – and prepared for the race. 8km’s is not a very difficult distance for me, but I’ve never been able to break the 46 minute barrier and get down to 45-anything… so on this particular race day I wasn’t going for anything spectacular, but was hoping to break that barrier, even if only by 1 second.

I had my game-plan set – start off slightly slower than usual, at 2km’s up the pace to a good speed, then drop back when feeling a bit tired. I would then pace myself based on how I felt for the last half… and I did really well at this game-plan! After the first half I was feeling really strong and stayed at a good pace for quite a distance and then decided to slow down a little bit and preserve my energy so that I could rather then push really hard towards the end for the last km or so… and it worked beautifully!

I saw the 7km mark and not long after I picked up the pace, and as I turned the last corner – with now only about 300m to go – I pushed hard and came flying across the finish line! I glanced down at my watch as I stopped it, and had to issue a few expletives… it said 42:33!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I did something weird to my Endomondo so am not able to check my km times and average speed etc., but my watch doesn’t lie! And according to the official results, my time was 42:39 so I’m not complaining at all!

It looks like this might be a good season for me!!!

On a side note…. there will be no blog post about the 7’s this year because I only took 3 photos while there and the weekend turned out rather messier than I had planned – I lost my shoes (??!!!), lost Bokkie who has been to 6 years of Rugby 7’s with me, and probably also lost my name somewhere along the line… 😳

RIP Bokkie

RIP Bokkie

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