Weekly Photo Challenge: Not expecting the unexpected Rugby 7’s

It’s the rugby 7’s this weekend in Dubai. It’s one of Dubai’s best events… not only because the expats get to run around like a bunch of hooligans, dressed up in some of the most ridiculous (and some rather hilarious) outfits,  but also because it is well organised from start to finish… and that’s a HUGE plus in my books. Oh, and there’s aband at the end of each night 🙂

So when I saw this week’s Photo Challenge Unexpected, I sat pondering for a while what I would use as my photo… and then it hit me! Rain is one of the most unexpected phenomenons in Dubai (ok that’s a grossly exaggerated description, but go with me on this one, ok?!) so when it rains in Dubai, you can bet your bottom $ that every second post on Facebook will refer to the rain and there’ll be hundreds of photos showing off the extent of the lack of drainage we suffer from.

Last year at the 7’s, however, we endured the unexpected… we sat in the pouring rain watching the games! Umbrella’s were the main order of the day, and for those who did not bring one (I mean, why would you?!) the cleaners were handing out garbage bags for us to cut holes in and wear as rain coats 😉

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that this weekend at the 7’s, rain is going to be the most unexpected player in the team!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Not expecting the unexpected Rugby 7’s

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