Back to regular running

Finally… my “training” has reached a point where I am running regularly again!

The last 5 or 6 weeks have been terrible in terms of doing any running, or even any gym / kickboxing / Pilates for that matter. It’s been rather bad of me, and I don’t really have any real excuse or reason for it. Yes, there were holidays in there (but I still went for a run once on holiday), and there was travelling for work (also did one run that week), but it’s not been very routine like normal.

But that has all changed this week, and it will now stay like that! Ok, it’s only been 2 runs this week, but they’ve been 2 GREAT runs, along with a kickboxing class, and a Pilates class 🙂

And today I did my first 10km since starting to pick up running again in July after taking my “break” in May / June… and I did it in an hour!!! The distance shows 10.18 km’s because that was a bit of walking after crossing the 10km mark.

And the best thing about the runs this week is that I’ve enjoyed them with a friend of mine who’s visiting from South Africa – and she’s a kick-ass runner with 2 Comrades Marathons under her belt, and runs 25+ km’s every weekend!!!!

Thanks Yoni!!!!

The times     The route - Al Barsha Park


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