From the Land Of Sand to the Land Down Under

Finally…. I am writing about the Australia surprise birthday trip!

So, how it all happened is that back in probably about March, my mom said that her and her sister, Heather, were thinking of going to Australia to surprise their brother, Dave, for his 60th birthday. It did not take me very long to decide to jump onboard and be part of the surprise – especially since I had never been there and that part of the family have been there for 18, yes eighteen, years now!

Nothing was allowed to be mentioned on Facebook; I didn’t even tell any of my friends over there for fear of something accidentally slipping out. The months, weeks and days started counting down and eventually it was the 17th of October and I was getting on an airplane to head off to AUSTRALIA!

The family had started arriving in bits and pieces before the day of my arrival – I was the last to get there. It went kinda like this:

  1. Heather arrives on the 16th and surprises Dave at home; he asks lots of questions about who else is coming to which the answers are all “Nobody”
  2. Kevin, the other brother, and his wife Pam arrive on the afternoon of 18th to a now very surprised Dave
  3. Closely followed by my mom and stepdad James later on the 18th; Dave is now completely baffled
  4. And then I arrive on the night of the 18th and when Dave walks into the lounge, there I am sitting in his chair – he does a few double takes and there are lots and lots of tears hugs 😉

Unfortunately my sister and cousins Rox and Tam were unable to join but it was such an awesome family reunion!

So, down to business.

I took over 600 photos on the holiday – 10 days in Melbourne and 3 in Sydney – so I’ve had to do some serious trimming down of which ones to use… I have also decided to do 2 posts; one for Melbourne and one for Sydney and not go into much detail other than show off photos… otherwise you’ll be here for days and that would be dreadfully boring!


Saturday night was the big birthday party with family and friends from all over coming to enjoy some good beer and cheer 😉


From here on my days are a bit muddled up – I can’t recall exactly which day we did what, but here’s what we did overall:

  • Went shopping
  • Went to dinner
  • Went wine tasting
  • Went to Queen Victoria Market
  • Went on the trams around Melbourne City
  • Went on a bit of a city road trip
  • Went to Healesville sanctuary
  • Went to this wonderful little tea room in a quaint, tiny little town

Here are all the rest of the photos in no particular order, but keeping all the same ones together… click on them to enlarge if you wish

Warning – I am hopeless at remembering bird names so most of the bird photos don’t have a name… hopefully none of them are wrong!





















One thought on “From the Land Of Sand to the Land Down Under

  1. Good blog Hazy. You commented on my blog asking how I managed to cut back on the number of photos. The answer – with great difficulty. I’m glad I didn’t include any animals as you’ve covered those. For the rest I looked for one or two pictures to cover each of the places we visited


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