Watch this space…

I’m back in the desert after a wonderful holiday with my family!!!

Unfortunately I seem to be the victim of this thing called jetlag. I’ve not ever been much of a believer in it (possibly since I’ve never suffered before), so every time I hear the word “jetlag” come out my mouth I feel like I’m making up excuses as to why I’m dead tired by 6pm and lose all sense of humour 😦 Not fun. But I cannot deny how awful I feel… and those who know me well will vouch for me when I say that Hazel and tired do not go well together… we have a very grumpy person on the other side 👿

Anyway, enough moaning…. I just wanted to say that I will be sorting through my 600+ photos over the next few days and will select the very best to show off, right here on my blog. So, please be patient while this process takes place 🙂

A little sneak preview of the family (photo courtesy of my aunt, who was taking the photo – thanks Pam :))

Family wine-tasting

Family wine-tasting


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