Weekly Photo Challenge: Good morning

On the days that I win the fight against myself to get out of bed and go for a run, I generally end up having a good run.

And this morning was no exception 🙂

Today was probably my best average time so far since I put my running shoes back on in July – 5:45 per kilometer – and an overall enjoyable run (although I was hoping for a longer one but since it was my first one on this route and I’d not measured it out beforehand, I can’t really complain).

The 5th km was a bit of a slow one because there was a hill 😦 And I’m still trying to understand why my last km (actually 330m) was the slowest, but overall a good run to start off a good morning!

And just to add in actual photos for the photo challenge this week, here’s me on a morning walk with lion cubs (they’re only about 1 year old) and an ele. These photos were taken in Zimbabwe, Vic Falls, in 2010.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good morning

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