The Ten Commandments of Running

I recently read this on a blog that I follow and since I am now going to be increasing my training A LOT, I thought it fitting to share with any other runners out there… I’m not certain if the person who wrote these down created this list based on his own 10 commandments, but they are certainly 10 very important rules for all runners (and probably any sportsman) to keep in mind at all times!
Thanks Paul and Bruce 🙂

Paul Smuts

My mom is busy sorting out a box full of old (and some embarrassing) photos from when me and my sisters were little. Also in the box was a couple of my running certificates and a piece of paper my friend Bruce gave me a few years ago. On it was written:

The Ten Commandments of Running

1. Thou shall not become a slave to running.

2. Thou shall not train on dead legs.

3. Thou shall not experiment with a different pair of running shoes before a race.

4. Thou shall not run through any type of muscle or skeleton pain.

5. Thou shall not attempt to make up kilometers lost due to injury.

6. Thou shall not increase distance by more than 10% each week.

7. Thou shall not do more than one work out on successive days.

8. Thou shall not subject yourself to more than one…

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