Ladies week in Dubai!!!

Last week I went to ladies night. Every single night. And drank for free. Every single night.
It was awesome!

I came up with this brilliant idea a few weeks back to see what ladies nights are on the go each night of the week, in Dubai.  I came across ladiesnightdubai when doing some research on where to go, so I used this website to help me out a bit, put together my list and invited my friends!

Each night was a slightly different group of girls, and of course me at each night. Some nights we had as many as 6 or 7 of us, some nights was only 2. One night we even had boys crash the night!!!
I then chose to end the week off on Friday at a brunch where the boys were invited too 🙂

So, where did we go??

Sunday night = Après in Mall of Emirates. This was 3 complimentary glasses of bubbly. Nothing fancy but decent enough. A busy venue and a great start to the week 🙂

Monday night = The Terrace at Media Rotana in Tecom. This was 3 complimentary Cosmo’s. It’s an outside venue, and had it not been for the coolers that they had going, it may have been a bit too hot for us… but we got through the night and had a great time 😉

Tuesday = Embassy at Grosvenor House, in the Marina. They offered 3 complimentary glasses of bubbly and although it wasn’t proper champagne, it was much better than the Après version we had on Sunday night. They also had some yummy little canapès on offer!

Wednesday = Dek on 8, Media One, Media City. They had unlimited drinks for girls from a selection of 3 drinks. Great venue, but it was also rather quiet as it’s outside.

I must just add in here that Wednesday night was meant to be at a different venue but due to many various reasons it had to change at the last minute… proof that there are many options on where to go, when you’re in the know 😉

Thursday = Blends, Address Dubai Marina. Unlimited free cosmo’s for ladies from 8 – 11pm. Pretty tasty drinks, good dance music and a great time!

Friday = Nezesaussie brunch, Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown. This was awesome! AED199 for unlimited food and drinks, from 1 – 5pm. The food was enjoyable enough, and we were treated with a 2-women band in the late afternoon. They were fantastic – one girl played guitar while the other girl sang. Truly enjoyable!

And now that I have survived the week and the weekend, I will not be doing something like that again in a hurry… I think it’s time to give the liver a rest 😉


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