Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

I missed last week’s Photo Challenge because I was travelling for work and forgot to take my hard drive with photos on in order to scour the archives when the challenge came out.

Oh well.

I’ll make up for it this week by doing multiple pictures for this week’s challenge – Lines to Patterns.

Lines and patterns

All of the photos below were taken on a visit to Syria in May 2010…. I think we got in there just in time to see the wonder and beauty of a country that is now locked in a civil war and many of the places we saw have been destroyed by gunfire, bombs and war-related fighting 😦

Although I am not religious, one of my most special memories of the trip was visiting a small convent where they still speak Aramaic and they said the Lord’s Prayer to us in Aramaic; one of the only places in the world still to speak the language of Jesus Christ (so we were told). The convent used to be the sacrifice grounds for Pagans, and they gave it to the Christians as a gift.

We went on this holiday because I found an advert in a travel guide to go to Syria for 6 days and 5 nights, which came as a complete package – one price got you the flights, a guided tour on a bus, accommodation, breakfast, and even the odd lunch thrown in. Dinners were pay-for-yourself, but we almost always ate with the group we travelled with (kinda hard not to when you’re on a bus with them all day).

We stayed in Damascus (the oldest continually inhabited city in the world), Palmyra, and Aleppo, and then visited many other cities on our road tripping through the country.

These photos were taken in Palmyra – they are ruins of an ancient Roman temple. Wiki has this to say about the area. I think they depict “Lines into Patterns” quite nicely 🙂




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