My favourite Jellybean…

…. is a four-legged creature of the dog variety!

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last week or so because I travelled to Kurdistan for work and didn’t have much free time in the evenings to blog, or anything else really, like I normally do.

But, I have this post sitting in my drafts so I thought I’d quickly get it out there so that you don’t think I’ve disappeared or anything 😉

When I did a post for the Weekly Challenge on Companionable, I spoke about my first little dog, Shansi. I also mentioned in that post a sad story about losing a second dog… this is that second story, and I must warn you – It’s SAD! 😥

A few years after losing Shansi, I was living with a boyfriend and we decided that it was time to grow the “family” and get ourselves a pet. Hang on… that’s not it at all. I was walking past a pet store one day and made the fatal error of going in and actually picking up a puppy and falling in love with it… and ended up walking out the store with the new addition to the “family”. Yes, that’s how it went 🙂



We welcomed little Jellybean (coz he’s sweet and black) into our house and I immediately started taking him everywhere with me, much the same as I had done with Shansi.

One Saturday afternoon I accompanied said boyfriend out to a job that he was doing for the afternoon and I took little Jellybean along for some company, and to have a chance to run around in a big yard.  Jellybean was only about 10 weeks old at this stage so was very busy, rather unsure of himself at times, and extremely inquisitive.

Off he skedaddled, sniffing here, digging there, letting out a little “WOOF!” of excitement every now and then… until the excited woof turned into a yelp of pain – and sent me hurtling towards where the sound was coming from. As I got close, I saw this tiny little bum sticking out of the bottom of the fence, wriggling side to side and all of a sudden making no noise.

*** WARNING!! It’s sad from here and not a nice story so skip to the paragraph after the next lot of asterisks below if you’re a softy like I am ***

I can’t recall the exact order of things from here, but I do know that it all happened in a matter of seconds. There was screaming from me, boyfriend running towards me, a neighbour coming out of his house (the house on the other side of the fence where Jellybean was stuck), seeing another dog with my puppy in his mouth, the neighbour shouting at his dog, more screaming from me, and finally me having my little guy lying completely limp in my hands, bleeding from I did not know where.

I think I managed to voice the question “Where is the nearest vet?” while running towards the car, with Jellybean still completely lifeless in my hands.

But by the time we reached the car, I remember being told that he was gone (I refused to believe this even though I was the one holding him), and so when I climbed in the car I wrapped him in his blankie and we drove home… and once there, we buried him in our backyard, and planted a little plant on top of him.

He lived an extremely short, but happy life and unfortunately it ended rather brutally.

*** You can read from here agin, if you stopped reading earlier ***

If you’re wondering at this point about the dog in the photo on my “Who am I?” page (if you’ve not been there before, go have a quick look now…), that’s Liquorice, the puppy that my mom bought for me after Jellybean because she knew that I needed to have a puppy in my life to get over the loss of Jellybean – not to replace him, just to ease the pain. And I’m happy to say that Liquorice turned 6 (human years) in April this year!!!



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