Stairs training… er, torture!

I ran stairs for the first time yesterday morning, and again this morning.

They HURT!

But I’ve been told that stairs are good training for the Wadi Bih race that I’m hoping to take part in, in February 2014. And so I am enduring torturing myself.

It all started because I’m away for work again this week and have no access to a gym. And I’ve been very good with my gymming the last few weeks, and have really upped my running recently… so I need to be doing something. And my Chairman, who I’m travelling with, is a huge stairs fan, so I’ve been joining him running up the stairs. I say running UP because we walk down – looking after knees all the time!

I’m a bit nervous, after the end of today, that my poor legs are going to really suffer running Wadi Bih on 7th February, and then a half marathon on 14th February… but I guess that’s what this training is all for, huh?!

That's not me - I took this off a Google search

That’s not me – I took this off a Google search



One thought on “Stairs training… er, torture!

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