Weekly Photo Challenge: From the back

There are soooo many ways that this week’s photo challenge on “a different point of view” can be taken, and so many different kinds of photos that can be shared.

I spent a fair bit of time going through my thousands of photos; luckily I had some sort of idea in mind of what I was looking for otherwise I’d have been there for 2 days straight :shock:, but I eventually found the photo that fit best for me…

This photo was taken in Fujairah in March 2011 – it’s the morning after a night of camping on the beach with a bunch of friends. These guys (and girl) were taking some time out and watching the sea roll in and out… they were probably also checking to see what the oil level of the water was like. The night before, while making a fire for the braai (BBQ), we had to move our fire twice, and move the camp site because there had been an oil spill in the water and it was washing up on the shore at our camp site. It was not the most pleasant beach-going experience we’d had, but a fun night was had with friends overall 🙂

From the back

From the back

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From the back

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