Playing with cards…

*** I’ll see your Emirates ID and raise you an e-gate card ***

I applied for and received my e-gate card today (it’s taken me 5 and a half years to get it, and it took a measly 10 minutes!!!!) but when I got back to the office I pulled out my wallet wanting to now put the darn thing with the rest of my cards, and I noticed just how many cards one generally carries around….. IT’S INSANE!

Surely there must be an easier way of being issued one card as a Resident, and have numerous other things (like an e-gate, alcohol license, driver’s license etc.) all be linked to just the one card, and not have one forΒ each and every single different thing…???!!!!

The cards I carry around in my wallet (as of today) are:

  1. Emirates ID
  2. UAE driver’s license
  3. HSBC debit card
  4. HSBC credit card
  5. Medical insurance card
  6. Emirates ID
  7. Etisalat Rewards program card
  8. Carrefour loyalty program card
  9. Metro (Nol) card
  10. Emirates Skywards card
  11. 2 other loyalty program cards
  12. E-gate card
  13. Access card to enter my building
  14. My Kurdistan residency card
  15. Plus a few random (also including mine) business cards….

Ok, I know that some of these I could probably leave with my passport and just take along with me when I travel, but that involves so much extra thought at packing time, and not just picking up my handbag or swopping my purse into my travel bag. Remember, I’m inherently lazy 😯



Do you suffer the same as me, or am I just crazy to have so many cards???


7 thoughts on “Playing with cards…

    • ggrrrr… why don’t they TELL you these things when you apply for the darn thing?!
      They really need to get more “jacked up” in service centers around here πŸ‘Ώ
      Oh well, guess I’ll just have to enjoy both of them until I renew one; thanks for the info πŸ™‚


  1. Bonjour Hazel

    I can remember the first cheque guarantee card l received and the sense of being really cool and modern. Now, between us we carry enough plastic to recycle it into sufficent lego bricks to build the great wall of china.

    Lovely post – your stuff makes us smile.




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