Cliffy Cam

When I first posted about Cliffy, I told him that I was going to make him famous… but instead he made me (a little bit) famous – on the day I posted about him I gained 2 new followers – thank you guys! And since then I’ve gained a few more, so thanks to all of you too!

Anyway, I want to thank Cliffy now too, and the best way I know how is to blog about him… but what do I say about my crazy little cat that people don’t already know about cats (‘coz I’m sure that he’s not much different to most feline friends)? He meows like crazy when I get home (telling me about his day, I presume); he protests wildly loudly when I get out of bed in the mornings; he gets crazy bursts of energy and flies around the apartment like a cat on speed; he gives me cuddles!

Like I said – he’s pretty normal for a cat!

But, he’s gorgeous and I want to share him with you….

Introducing “Cliffy Cam” – candid photos of my little guy over the last few months. Enjoy 😛

Sphinx Cliffy

Sphinx Cliffy

Sleepy Cliffy:


Curios Cliffy (drinking tea):


Investigating the microwave

Investigating the microwave

Watching TV

Watching TV

Learning that the cat carrier is not that scary (I left it in my room with treats scattered inside 😉)


Demon Cliffy

Demon Cliffy

Evil Cliffy - there's a bird on the balcony!

Evil Cliffy – there’s a bird on the balcony!

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