Running isn’t considered a team sport but it has a sense of camaraderie…

I’ve always preferred running on my own. There have been a few times that I’ve gone out with a friend for a quick run, but generally it’s me, my music and the open air. Races that I run with friends are run such that we start off together, but leave each other at the point where one person needs to go ahead. It’s how I like to do things.

But last night I went for a run and had an extremely novel experience – I joined a random runner on a silent run and it dawned on me how runners appreciate and understand each other out there, pushing ourselves to our limits.

As I started my run, I noticed a girl on the sidewalk doing a few stretches. Once I’d gone only a few steps past her, she came past me and settled into a good pace a short distance in front of me.

We carried on like this for a few hundred meters until I started closing the gap (no competitiveness in mind, just naturally getting closer), until she felt my presence and turned and smiled at me. I stayed behind her for a little while longer and then made my way past her slowly. At this point she stopped, so I nodded her on and we started running together.

We ran together for about another kilometer or so until she decided that she had to stop. She waved me on and turned around to head back. I carried on along my route to my turn-around point and then started heading back, wondering if I’d bump into her again.

And then there she was – I saw her walking a little way up ahead of me and knew that I’d be able to catch her.

When I reached her, I turned back to give her a smile and wave as I passed her, and she started running to join me in the last stretch of the run 😛 Unfortunately she once again dropped off a short distance from the end of the run so I never got to actually say anything to her but this is a run that will stick in my mind for a long time to come 🙂

On that note – I recently read an article about a high-school girl who carried a competitor across the finish line, putting the other girl across ahead of herself! Great sportsmanship right there! Here’s a report of it.

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