And the nominations are….

A little bit backwards here that I announce the winner first, and then the nominations. I’m sure you’ll understand 😉

So, yesterday I was nominated with 4 blogging awards – all in one go – but at the time I did not have the time required to pick my “pay-it’forward” nominations, therefore I just quickly typed up my thanks and went on my way.

Today is a little different though and so here we go! I’m going to do as was done to me and nominate the following 14 people (in absolutely no order) for all 4 awards (it’s a great feeling!)

Thanks for providing me with entertaining and enjoyable reading (and photo viewing) over the last few months – and to come!


3 thoughts on “And the nominations are….

  1. Congratulations on your well-deserved accolades MyNuttyDubai! We love your unique style and we’re glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve :-).

    Thank you also for sharing de Wets Wild with your friends here in NuttyDubai! ;-). We hope you don’t mind that we’re adding your great site to our blogroll?


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