Weekly Photo Challenge – My first “child”

I’ve decided to stray away from the actual Weekly Photo Challenge for this week, and instead go back a bit in time to one that was brought out in June – Companionable.

It’s probably because I’ve been feeling a bit homesick lately – missing my family and friends back home much more than usual. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but all you expats out there who read this, will probably understand where I’m coming from 😉

When I lived in SA and moved out of home for the first time, I adopted a little ball of fur, otherwise known as a dog (well, it was “we” back then – me and the then-boyfriend). We named our child Shansi – which is a Wombles name, although I have no idea why I chose that particular name!

This little girl was my pride and joy, being the first pet that was actually mine, and not “the family” dog. Every birthday or Christmas, even Mother’s and Father’s day, would involve putting Shansi’s paws in some mud and then making paw prints on the card – From Shansi. She was so tiny when we brought her home that if the grass wasn’t mowed right down, she could not run over it – it was the cutest thing to watch! And she used to love coming shopping with me in my handbag – long before Paris Hilton made it the in-thing to do!

Sadly though when then-boyfriend and I parted ways, he kept the dog(s) – plural because we got a second little girl later on – and one day the dog next door got out and into his yard and Shansi never stood a chance. I cannot tell you if the dogs intention was to hurt Shansi, because I was not there, but the trauma of losing that first little child of mine was something I wish I never had to do (although I did a few years later but that’s another post.)

So, because I’ve been feeling so homesick, I’ve been reminiscing way too much and came across these photos of her and had to share her with the interweb!

So without much further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you my toypom, Shansi.




Both dogs - threw this one in for good measure

Both dogs – threw this one in for good measure

Sidenote: I found this while searching for a Paris photo – a dog fanny pack – hilarious!



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