Pool parties = swimming

That’s right. They do. Which means water. Wet. Bikini.

Unless you’re me and for some reason decide that your AED700 hairdo from that afternoon is more important than getting a bit wet and having a good time in a pool. DOH!

I went to a pool party yesterday and left my bikini at home. On purpose. I had just had my hair done and thought it best to stay out of the pool. And of course did not plan a “just in case” option and just take the darn thing with me 😳 And so once everyone started getting in the pool, and not many people were acting like maniacs diving in and getting crazy wet, I started really regretting not having my stuff with me. But, being at a girls house it was easy enough to rummage around in her things and try put together something to wear… although when you’re a few sizes smaller in the “upper body” region than she is, this creates for some hilarious bikini top try-ons, and some very quick change-of-mind decisions to rather just wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt (much to the boys disgust ;))



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