Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden hour

The photo that I am choosing to share this week is once again out of sequence, but it’s only a few weeks old… the Golden Hour theme; as WordPress calls it – that time of the day just after the sun rises, or just before the sun sets. Many a photographer’s delight when you get those beautiful streaks of sun running across the skies!

I have taken many a sunset photo because they are gorgeous, and because it is only on extremely rare occasions that I am awake before the sun comes up (except for a few races…. most races start late-ish enough to allow me to only be getting up after sunrise). So while going through all my photos, I happened across a sunrise one and knew that it had to be the one!

In 2007 I travelled to Namibia on a work educational where we spent a few days travelling around Windhoek, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. One of the resorts that we stayed at (for the life of me I cannot recall the name, so am unfortunately not able to link back to it :() you had the option of sleeping inside the “villa”, or on the roof! I chose the roof, and was woken up to the gorgeous sight of the sun rising; a glorious day ahead me thinks 😉

The photo was likely taken using my firt-ever digital camera – an Olympus something-or-other.




2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden hour

  1. Hazy I like the photo, the light and composition are great but one criticism, your horizon is not level and that is normally severely criticised. Otherwise I think it’s a good picture


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