How many shoes??

Ok, I’m putting this out there because I want to get different opinions… how many pairs of shoes do you run in; how long do you keep them around for; do you alternate shoes between runs (make / model etc.); do you have a pair of shoes that are just for races/long runs/short runs???

When I started running, 4 years ago, I only had one pair (Adidas, obviously) but when I got injured my physio said to me that I need to start alternating my shoes. Fortunately I am neither pronated nor supinated so I can walk into a store, pick the prettiest pair and walk out. So, I headed off to the sports store and bought myself pair #2 (Adidas ;))

Then my first pair finally gave out and so I went and bought my 3rd pair… but I still only train in 2 pairs (I actually threw pair #1 away not that long ago as they were very seriously dead and weren’t even surviving as just everyday takkies trainers)

So on my run this evening I started pondering if I should now be buying a new pair, now that I have lots and lots of training coming up, numerous 8km, and 10km races to look forward to, and a half marathon next year…. and pair #2 are getting on in mileage.

Currently the plan is that I will do all my long runs (anything over 6km) in pair #3, and anything shorter than that (which includes interval training, gym, kickboxing) to be done in pair #2. Or should I be retiring pair #2 for the gym/kickboxing only, and buy pair #4 for the shorter runs until they’re worn in and then swop them around with pair #3?

Or should I just have lots that I can alternate??

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