Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the sun

Going through my photos, I realised that I have many silhouette photos, and almost all of them are really good photos (yeah yeah, pat on the back ;)), so choosing one for this theme was quite difficult.

I’ve chosen one that I took back in 2008 because it’s not your typical sunset-with-trees-in-the-background (or similar) silhouette photo (which most of mine seem to be). This photo was taken on the beach at Mina Salam hotel, Dubai, when they had a band/singer perform on the beach over a weekend. I particularly remember this day because it was one of my first introductions to the glam life of Dubai… sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, enjoying a cocktail and listening to live music, on any random Saturday evening. Oh, and I remember ordering a fruit juice prior to my cocktail, and being bowled over at the price-tag of the fruit juice (can’t remember how much it was exactly as I’ve possibly become accustomed to Dubai drinks prices, but it seemed exorbitant at the time; I’ve included a photo of the juice ;))



The fruit juice

The fruit juice


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the sun

  1. Yeah I agree you deserve a pat on the back. There is enough in the picture to make it different from the normal sunset, silhouette type picture and just enough detail still, to make you try to look deeper into the picture.


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