The run that almost never was

I said to myself this morning that tonight was going to be another (heated) run.

So, I came home after work and made myself a fairly simple, yet healthy dinner (chicken breast, 2-minute noodles and a mielie – corn-on-the-cob for non-South Africans) and then sat back and watched some TV waiting for my food to settle for approximately 1.5 hours. And then completely lost interest in running.  I sat arguing with myself for a few minutes but finally the runner won and I was out the door.

But within only a few hundred meters I got a stitch in my side and was just not feeling it. I ended up running about 1.5km’s, and then turned around… and when doing so I had this bright idea to do some sprints! Just to be different and not have a total failure of a run 😉

And boy oh boy what fun!! I haven’t done sprints (I call them dashes coz I don’t actually sprint) in a very long time, and never in the heat. I was dashing for the length of 2 lamp posts, and jogged for 1…. did this for about 1km, the posts being about 60m apart. I was absolutely knackered when I was done but it felt great! 4 of these high temperature runs in 4 weeks… I’m on a roll 😛

I’m convinced that these high temperatures are actually making my running a little easier… It just feels like the humidity makes my lungs feel more open, my legs feel looser, and although my head often feels like it wants to explode from insane heat, I just pour my little capful of water over my crown and keep going 🙂

Or is the humidity starting to get to me??

Either way, I will be continuing these night runs because I am really enjoying them, and I think I’m kicking butt 😉

And so now I’m enjoying a nice cold post-run drink and sharing a couple of photos I took after my run to show you how pretty it is where I run 🙂


After doing the sprints, I decided that my next challenge at work is to get a team together (5 people consisting of at least 1 female) to run the Wadi Bih race in February 2014… it’s the weekend before the RAK half marathon so will be an interesting bit of training!

The basic outline of the race is that it’s a 72 km run, being broken up into sections, with each runner doing a minimum of 10km, maximum 15km (unless you’re a total crazy and want to do it all on your own!)

Now just to get my team together!!


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