My (not-so-successful) pork stir-fry

I tried cooking again last night… and although it wasn’t an outright fail, it certainly wasn’t as exciting and tasty as my previous attempt.

I felt like doing something with pork, and settled on a pork stir-fry, because it seemed like it would be really quick and easy. And that it was. I simply cut up the pork chops, and the veggies (yes, I used fresh ones – no pre-packed veggies in this kitchen!), and marinaded the pork in the ingredients advised. Then, threw the bits and pieces into the wok at the required times, stir fried for a few minutes and viola! A stir-fry, made from scratch.

But it was bland. And that’s where I failed. The marinade smelled soooo good when making it so I was quite excited about it, but the final outcome was just not that exciting. It wasn’t awful, not at all, but just a bit bland. It just needed a little something; some kind of extra spice or additional sauce or something to give it some oomph. Next time I’ll try adding in some random bits and pieces and see if that makes any difference. I also think that my veggies to pork ratio was a little out; should have used a little less veggies.

But I will not put this one down as a complete failure. Maybe second-place 😉

Pork stir fry

Pork stir fry

Do you have any suggestions for adding flavour to the stir fry?

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